Saturday, November 17, 2007

Jellyfish Muscles

Ignoring peripheral things
rumbled in memory
muscles like jellyfish
aid the growing skyward

coalesced in eagerness that shimmers
the black coward cloak dispensed
spreading out branches thick as man
grappling with a new handle

silken manes flutter with tossed heads
the eye of the world
whipped up on rainbows
this new lid aside of lashes
opens up.

honey cakes and meat pies,
off the other begin.

Latent spark plugs

The sliver moon asleep on jam futons,
time envious of world,
blind sighted the youth press buttons,
measured in pressure
evolution is egged on.

the hunter-gatherers are vacant parking lots,
coupons for nature never clipped out,
forged on plastic grasses
holidays are American history.

Natural beauty the cover girl enemy,
forests insignificant beside ipods and jogs,
even the purest
suffers from widescreen eyes.

Who can hear among cellular ears,
vibrating on cancer coded frequencies,
we levitate to height in airplanes
ignoring the panorama land we see ourselves beyond.

Gang symbols on plain white T's,
who will drink water when there's nothing to eat,
Drought, Drought,
garbage our mutated mountains.

From oil rig to oil rig
from landfill to landfill
from sea to sinking sea,

privacy is irrelevant for "reality" based life.
Every ones listening,
every ones watching,
every ones enjoying
this everyone planet.

"Curiouser and Curiouser", Cried Alice

In the land of rotting grapes
a raisin is queen,
These geese eating dominoes demolish empire grounds.

Auditory wrinkles, peyote pillows, and water color ripples,
bargain with battlefields.

Cuter then a hot fudge taco,
On a meadow carpet hallucinating feet,
All becomes tangled in objective.

A seabird amidst tomato soup cans finds Venus in a house of pies.

Public libraries,
home to red patients,
this blue couch reveals the illustrated world.

The true angel lives inside highways orbiting the planet a musical rose.